About the New York City Vaccination HUB

The primary roles of the State’s vaccination program hubs are to help develop and support networks that offer broad-based vaccinations, and to assist with community education and vaccine inquiries, all with a focus on promoting health equity. For more information on the New York State Regional Hub Network, please read New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s December 2020 press release.

Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) is the Vaccination Program Coordination Hub for New York City (NYC). The State asked GNYHA to perform this role because of its longstanding commitment to and participation in NYC’s emergency preparedness and response system, as well as GNYHA’s strong affiliation with the City’s health care system at large. For more information on GNYHA, please visit our website.

As the NYC Vaccine Hub Lead, GNYHA works closely with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) on their COVID-19 vaccination plans, as well as with the New York City Vaccine Command Center and other City agencies. GNYHA troubleshoots on behalf of enrolled vaccinators, facilitates vaccine redistribution requests, and communicates important information to enrolled vaccinators and the general public.

Contact Us

General Vaccine Inquiries

For general inquiries about the COVID-19 vaccine, please email vaccine@gnyha.org. To receive the NYC Vaccine Hub Newsletter which includes vaccine distribution updates and educational materials on the COVID-19 vaccine, please sign up for our NYC Hub mailing list.

Enrolled Vaccinators

If you are an enrolled vaccinator in NYC (a doctor’s office, urgent care provider, etc.) that is not a member of GNYHA, please sign up for periodic communications. GNYHA will continue to contact our members with policy and guidance updates.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

If you represent a CBO and are looking for education materials, please refer to Vaccine Education page.